September 22, Microsoft prepares news on the Surface

The September 22 it could be a very interesting day around Redmond and for fans of the world Microsoft. In fact, the group is preparing for new announcements, of which at the moment nothing else is known besides a first presentation image and the rumors circulated in these hours.

This is the anticipation of the group:

In the image it is easy to see the profile of a Surface, whose specifications will be clearly designed to best express the qualities of that Windows 11 that will officially arrive only a few days later (October 5th). The hypothesis is that of a renewed one Surface Pro (the removable keyboard is evident in the image), but until then it will simply be suggestions waiting for confirmation.

On the other hand, great expectations are poured out on the front Surface Duo, the revolutionary dual-screen smartphone that could field more advanced specifications than the original concept and, marrying the hybrid nature of Windows 11 (but the Android apps will not arrive before 2022), would give life to the new mobile dimension of the group.

Only suggestions, for now. We talk about it again on 22 September.

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