Sheryl Sandberg, who is the most important woman in the tech world

In 2012 it becomes the eighth member (and first woman) on the board of directors of Facebook. More importantly, though, is the fact that her role continues to expand: Sheryl Sandberg becomes the Mark Zuckerberg’s trusty right-hand man and the public face of the company; the person in charge of publicly addressing the thorniest events, of speaking with the media, of weaving relationships with journalists and politicians. Over time, in fact, Facebook becomes an equally managed society by her and Zuckerberg.

Commitment to women

Sandberg’s attention also in recent years has focused on some situations that are close to her heart. On the one hand, il economic support to small commercial realities – and especially those run by black men and women – severely tested by the pandemic (and which also represented an important source of income for the “sponsored” by Facebook). On the other hand, its historian support for the female cause: in 2013 he wrote the corporate-feminist manifesto Lean Incapable of selling over 4 million copies and from which a non-profit of the same name has sprung up, which today includes about 50 thousand women.

Despite his philanthropic activity, the extraordinary success that Facebook has had thanks to his leadership and despite the fact that over time he has put together a assets estimated at $ 1.6 billion, things didn’t always go smoothly for Sheryl Sandberg. On the contrary: the multiple controversies that in recent years they have overwhelmed Facebook they have often seen her in the center of attention, having been there for a long time most publicly exposed figure of the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

Inevitably, all of this had repercussions on her: according to one item of 2018 of Wall Street JournalMark Zuckerberg himself he blamed her and her team for the public fallout related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal “, even going so far as to make her fear that her position might be at risk. In 2020, however, always the WSJ he had told of the change in the balance of power between the two top figures of Facebook, considered for a long time almost equal “.

The shadow

However, Sandberg’s image has also been tarnished in her feminist activity, damaged by the fact that Facebook has often been accused of being one tool for spreading misogynyracism and disinformation: “Sheryl Sandberg can also say that she is a feminist, but her decisions within Meta have made social media platforms less safe for womenpeople of color and for the US electoral system “for example, said Shaunna Thomas, leader of the UltraViolet women’s rights group.

In some ways, therefore, his farewell to Facebook is less sudden than it might seem at first glance and could also be related to attrition that began at least four years ago. And now, what awaits you? Given her beginnings in the world of institutions, her propensity for philanthropy and the fact that she has already been talked about in the past as a possible US Treasury Ministersomeone has mentioned the possibility of his entry into politics.

She denies for the moment, stating that she has no plans for the future other than attend to his philanthropic activities and his family (in addition to disposing of the toxins probably accumulated during these very difficult fifteen years). Given her stature and her still relatively young age (53), it is difficult to imagine that Sheryl Sandberg will not return – more or less soon – to play some top role from parts of Silicon Valley. Or maybe directly in his native Washington.

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