Simple remedy against limescale: with a trick, the shower cubicle almost cleans itself

In order to keep the shower cubicle free of limescale, the walls should be freed of residual water with a squeegee after each shower. Anyone who forgets this or deducts it inaccurately often has to struggle with unsightly stains, streaks and edges made of lime that are difficult to remove. Means: The shower cubicle has to be cleaned several times a month.

Many then resort to cleaning agents that are not only aggressive on the skin, but also pollute the environment and are expensive. However, a simple remedy that most people already have at home is just as effective: rinse aid.

Remove limescale from shower cubicles – this home remedy works

With a simple trick you can prevent annoying limescale deposits in your shower.

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You can easily remove limescale from your shower enclosure without using aggressive cleaning agents Klarspüler(view here on Amazon) use. Just use the rinse aid that you would normally put in your dishwasher.

Simply mix a few drops of rinse aid in a water-filled spray bottle and, if you like, add a sip of fabric softener – the latter above all ensures a pleasant scent. Immediately after showering, spray the solution on the walls and wipe them off briefly. This should allow water and soap residues to roll off in the future.

Alternatively, vinegar and citric acid are also suitable. However, you should be aware that these agents can attack sensitive seals in your bathroom.

We have summarized further tips for cleaning your bathroom quickly and effectively in this post together.

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