single client from October 1st

Come anticipated last week, Google started the distribution of the version 49 of Drive for desktop for Windows and macOS which includes some features of Backup and synchronization. Since the novelty affects both private users and business users, the Mountain View company has published the timeline the transition to the single client.

Drive for desktop: single client starting October 1st

The “fusion” between Drive File Stream (business) with Backup and Sync (consumer) was announced at February. Google first renamed Drive File Stream to Drive for desktop and is now starting to add Backup and Sync features, including syncing photos and videos with Google Drive and / or Google Photos, syncing external devices (e.g. pen drive and USB hard drive) and the mirroring dei file for faster local access (all files are available offline).

Other useful new features are the synchronization of local folders (such as Documents and Desktop) and the multi-account support (logout is no longer necessary). This is the full list of features included in Drive for desktop:

Users using Backup and Sync will need to switch to Drive for desktop by the end of September. A guided transition path will be shown starting July 19. Starting August 18, users will receive a notification inviting them to switch. Finally, from the 1st October you will no longer be able to access Backup and Sync. Use of Drive for desktop will become mandatory.

Google Drive for desktop

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