Sirin V3, the modified Galaxy S21 from 2200 euros

An enhanced version of the Korean top of the range to raise solid protective barriers to cyber attacks

(Photo: Sirin)

Many governments supply their presidents and premieres modified versions of smartphones commercial for avoid cyber attacks. They are unique and armored pieces on the software side: for those who are not satisfied with the protections of the models on sale in stores there are some interesting alternatives such as Sirin V3, that is a Samsung Galaxy S21 very special.

Design and technical data do not change compared to the standard top of the Korean brand presented last January, but just turn it on to notice substantial differences at the interface level. Sirin Labs have indeed worked hard on Samsung Knox security platform to set up a parterre of functions dedicated to those seeking privacy and tranquility.

sirin v3
(Photo: Sirin)

The solution put on the plate is called Dual Persona and, as you can imagine, it organizes the smartphone for dual use. On the one hand the personal one and on the other the working one, like two worlds that border but never touch each other. The part for everyday life uses a powerful antivirus and allows you to download apps only from the Play Store (no unknown origins, therefore).

The working part, on the other hand, offers some basic applications already installed (especially for productivity), but it does not allow you to install other software. Furthermore, it will not be possible to take screenshots of the activity shown on the screen, record the voice or receive files via usb or bluetooth, but you can count on a military-grade encrypted system for calls and messages, maximum security on business applications and end-to-end encryption for data.

As with the original S21, Sirin V3 is also found with the Snapdragon 888 chip in the US while in the rest of the world it is governed by the proprietary Exynos 2100 processor, accompanied by 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. There is also the Samsung Know subscription included for three years.

Security costs and in fact the price of Sirin V3 is almost triple compared to that of the normal Galaxy S21, placing itself at $ 2650 equal to approximately 2200 euro; you can order it on official site.

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