Slack: audio channels and video recordings to facilitate collaboration

Slack is full of new features to facilitate communication within teams.

Slack will offer ephemeral audio channels to promote collaboration and spontaneous exchanges. © Slack

In one blog post which announces the novelties, the collaborative messaging service explains wanting to support the changes in post-pandemic working methods. After the arrival of programmable messages on its platform, Slack wants to go even further.

Launch of “Huddles”, audio discussion channels

Slack announces the launch of audio rooms, which will make it possible to exchange easily and spontaneously. This feature named Huddles (or team calls in French) is an ergonomic audio tool, which allows you to have live conversations, like Discord channels.

It is thus possible to activate the functionality for any channel or discussion. To do this, simply select a conversation, then click on a button representing a headset to activate the audio channel. This is completely ephemeral and can be activated and deactivated at any time. These audio chat channels allow a user to share their screen. Participants can join and leave an audio room whenever they want. Slack specifies that the feature will be available soon for paid plans.

Flexible features to replace meetings

Slack proposes to create a new format of communication through video recordings, audio and screenshots. The objective: to facilitate collaboration, to allow important information to be passed on and to consult it at any time. The messaging service thus offers to attach a short video or audio clip to a message within a discussion.

Slack is also launching a new viewing feature, which will allow you to increase or reduce the playback speed of a video, but also to have access to a live transcript and subtitles. These different features will be available in the coming months for paid plans.

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