so you can jump from one HDMI to another

Button 1: the Sky decoder; button 2: Xbox or PlayStation; button 3: Chromecast or Fire TV Stick. And that’s how with a HDMI Switch like this you have the images you want at the moment you prefer, being able to switch from one entertainment to another as if you were simply changing the channel.

HDMI Switch

20,99 euro if you just need 3 HDMI input, 22,99 euro if you want to go up to 5. The TV’s other HDMI inputs will remain free for other utilities and you won’t have to venture into the TV’s software interface to switchare between one thing and another.

Comfortable, very comfortable. A few euros and a remote control available to jump from one pastime to another. Compatible with full 4K resolution, ultra-small size and all the convenience of a switch with just one click.

Have fun, whatever switch you are about to make.

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