solar energy mining started

In response to all anti Proof of Work associations e Bitcoinin Western Colorado a new miner started the mining a solar power. Strongly bullish news for the cryptocurrency queen who will surely benefit from this interesting news.

The choice of was decidedly courageous Aspen Creek Digital Corporation which, despite the bear market, has not slowed or stopped its projects. The target of him, as he reports CoinDesk according to a shared statement, is to start with the extraction of bitcoin in its data center.

However, the project does not stop there. In fact, Aspen Creek Digital Corporation has made it known that it intends to make the mining a solar power also to other companies. In practice, it will host other miners who want to take advantage of this economic and eco-sustainable mode.

As we said, one of the singular aspects of this story is that everything is happening when other miners of Bitcoin they struggle to make money with profitable mining. This is because of the recent cryptographic winter. BTC is currently trading at $ 20,680, with a market capitalization of $ 394.62 billion (at the time of writing).

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Bitcoin and eco-sustainable mining

One of the most criticized issues a Bitcoin and the mining, an activity that requires a significant expenditure of electricity. Nonetheless, there are several farms that are looking for alternative and eco-sustainable solutions. Among these was Aspen Creek Digital Corporation which started mining a solar power.

The structure, located in the Western Colorado, has photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 10 megawatts (MW). It will start with the individual extraction and then offer its services to other companies. Among those on the list there is Galaxy Digitalthe cryptocurrency financial services company.

The best time to build – said Amanda Fabiano, Galaxy Digital Head of Mining – is a bear market and people shouldn’t be afraid of market conditions, they just need to make sure they are doing it appropriately and effectively. Aspen Creek Digital Corporation has taken the mining problem and turned it upside down by looking at it from a different perspective, which is really special.

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