Space, even for Bezos with Blue Origin ok at the launch of passengers

Authorization from the US Federal Aviation Administration arrives. The launch is scheduled for July 20, at 3 pm Italian time: here’s how to follow the live broadcast

(foto: Blue Origin)

Also Jeff Bezos, eventually, he will be able to go into the Space aboard the New Shepard of her Blue Origin: the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has just granted the company of the Amazon owner thelaunch authorization, for the first official civilian manned space flight. The launch is scheduled for July 20 and can be followed live by the company’s channels.

The live broadcast of the launch

Beaten on time by British rival Richard Branson, who on 11 July participated to Virgin Galactic’s inaugural space flight, Bezos – he writes on Instagram – “can’t wait to join the club “ and will still be able to boast of celebrating worthily theanniversary of the moon landing dell’Apollo 11, which took place on 20 July 52 years ago.

The rocket with Blue Origin’s shuttle will depart from the company’s launch site located in Texas desert. The take off is scheduled for hours 15 Italians, but it will not be possible for the public to attend them live.

Blue Origin, however, organized one direct on his site, live from 13.30 Italian. At the end of the flight, there will also be a press conference with astronauts.

The crew

July 20 will be New Shepard’s 16th flight (a vehicle reusable which combines rocket and capsule, and which owes its name to Alan Shepard, the first American to actually go into space), but the first officer with crew. To grant the authorization, the FAA asked Blue Origin for a test flight to check if the vehicle’s hardware and software were working safely.

In addition to Jeff Bezos, there will also be on the shuttle Mark Bezos (brother of the billionaire), a mysterious passenger who bought the ticket at auction for over 28 million dollars and, the guest of honor, the over 80 years old Wally Funk, a pioneer in the US Air Force and a member of the private Mercury 13 program. That’s how Funk will become the older person to overcome the boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and Space.

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