Space, the first walk of the Chinese astronauts who left on June 17

The first spacewalk of two of the three Chinese astronauts, who set out on the mission to build the new Chinese space station Tiangong 3, has just taken place

The greeting of the three astronauts – from left Tang Hongbo, Nie Haisheng, and Liu Boming – to Chinese President Xi Jinping on June 23 during a video conference (photo: Yue Yuewei / Xinhua via AP released by the Chinese Xinhua News Agency)

The first took place on Sunday 4 July 2021 spacewalk for two of the three Chinese astronauts who are building the new one railway station orbital of the China, Tiangong, on a mission, the Shenzhou 12, lasting 3 months. The news comes from the China News Service agency which provided the images of the company. This out door was used to install cameras and other equipment through the use of a robotic arm of the length of 15 meters. The two protagonists, Liu Boming e Tang Hongbo, have been out for nearly 7 hours while the commander Not Haisheng remained inside. This is the second spacewalk by Chinese astronauts after a first episode of an astronaut who in 2008 dropped for 20 minutes from the Shenzhou 7 shuttle.

The spacewalk of the two astronauts

The Xinhua news agency provided some images of the descent from the astronaut module Liu Boming, the first to come out, followed by Tang Hongbo, who tested the spacesuits, which were programmed to allow for eight hours outside. The commander remained inside to follow and monitor all operations. Astronaut Liu was stuck with his feet to a platform that hooked to a remotely controlled arm that held him steady while he used a drill and other tools to install the equipment. Still working on the first module. In the coming months until the end of 2022, the Chinese space agency has plans for others 11 throws for the final realization of the space station, with two other 70-ton modules, to conclude the works in 2023. Here is an image of the astronauts’ exit before the spacewalk.

(foto: Jin Liwang/Xinhua via AP)

The steps for the new Chinese space station

China has launched the Shenzhou 12 mission on June 17, 2021. This is the seventh Chinese manned space flight within the Shenzhou program. It is also the longest mission, lasting 3 months, part of a larger space program. The project is to move forward in the construction of the space station, the third Chinese (Tiangong-3, the second is already deactivate), by connecting two other modules to the first part. The aim is therefore to build a space station for China’s research activities, which cannot board the International Space Station. The first module, Tianhe (Harmony of the Skies), was launched on April 29, 2021. Thus, the central module is already in orbit (recently). And now, in the coming months and in 2022 the work will be carried out to arrive at the conclusion of the third station.

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