Square will have its own hardware wallet for Bitcoin: official

A little over a month ago, Jack Dorsey has declared that if he wasn’t busy with Twitter and Square, would work full time on Bitcoin. However, it is moving in that direction, considering some recent releases and initiatives. The last in chronological order is the one that will lead to the realization of a wallet hardware.

Jack Dorsey’s empire is increasingly Bitcoin-centric

The hypothesis had been formulated by the CEO at the beginning of June and is now officially confirmed by Jesse Dorogusker, Square’s Hardware Lead. He talked about it in a post where he refers to a product created on the basis of a collaborative approach, involving the community. We report it below in translated form.

We decided to create a hardware wallet and a service, so as to make Bitcoin management within everyone’s reach. We will continue to ask questions and provide answers in an open form. The community’s response to our discussion about the project was fantastic: encouraging, generous, collaborative and inspiring.

Yet another testimony of the interest shown by Dorsey and his family in the cryptovalute, with over 200 million dollars invested in BTC from last fall onwards and a Bitcoin Clock on display behind the CEO (you can see him in the image below) on the occasion of his remote intervention at the US Congress.

For three weeks now the value of Bitcoin it is well below the $ 40,000 mark. We are a long way from the over $ 64,800 recorded in mid-April. To be verified as the initiatives implemented globally by governments and authorities, also in Europe, will have an impact on the methods of circulation, exchange and sale of digital currencies.

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