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Starting a startup means failing. Almost always. According to the specialized consulting firm Up2lab, indeed, 90% of startups fail within the first three years of life. Often because the product or service does not respond to market demand.

And if we talk about the dream of every true startupper, that is, to found a unicorno, a startup that grows to become a company with an estimated value of at least one billion dollars in a few years, here the club becomes even more exclusive. Only 1% of startups can hope to reach this milestone. According to a ranking of Cbinsights, for instance, today there are just over 800 unicorns around the world, with the Chinese Bytedance (TikTok) in first place, followed by the American Stripe and SpaceX. There is no Italy in this ranking.

Precisely because startups are a high-risk business, several realities have been born in recent years, which they work to lower the mortality rate of the startups themselves. Helping them especially in the first years of life, those at greatest risk. In Italy there are four: Grownnectia, Startup Geeks, Startup Pack e Startup Checklist.
Grownnectia was founded by the serial entrepreneur Massimo Ciaglia and in the last two and a half years he has followed more than 450 startups, of which 150 incubated. In some cases the company also invests directly in the capital of other high-potential startups. Grownnectia is based on both a patented acceleration method, called Pay4growth, both on a network of incubators, with offices in Rome, Milan, Verona and Bergamo. Alongside Ciaglia there is a team of experienced coaches and mentors, including Luca Barboni, an expert in growth hacking, Gaetano Romeo for seo and inbound marketing and Michele Franzese for events and crowdfunding. On an economic level, according to Grownnectia, 2021 has so far been a positive year, with a turnover of almost half a million euros at the end of September. Startup Geeks The inspiration behind Startup Geeks, on the other hand, arrives during the honeymoon of the two founders: Giulia D’Amato and Alessio Boceda, in 2018 on a bus between Peru and Bolivia. They would have helped anyone who wanted to do business, especially innovative businesses, to become prepared and aware entrepreneurs. From this initial idea was born Startup Geeks Premium, a community of over 1,200 startuppers and with more than 300 incubated startups. But since spring 2020 it also offers free entrepreneurial training services, with the aim of helping and supporting the post-pandemic economic recovery. The project also started last year Startup Builder, the virtual incubator that offers a complete acceleration program in 12 weeks. All remotely and safely. Startup Pack
Startup Pack offers free startup coaching sessions. The project started in July 2021, from an idea of ​​Giacomo Gentili, which he quickly gathered around himself 25 other coaches. So far they have been follow more than 30 new businesses and the stated goal of Startup Pack is precisely that of “To prevent startuppers from making mistakes typical of those who do business for the first time”. But how do you get involved? “The application process is simple and completely digital – replies Riccardo Maestri, business developer and former Olympic athlete -. To participate, simply answer a few questions on the dedicated page of our site. At that point, our coaches will contact the candidates for an initial interview “. Startup Pack is currently looking for both new coaches and other startups to support. Startup Checklist We close the list with Startup Checklist, yes especially aimed at young new entrepreneurs, included in the age group 17-29 years. The initial idea was by Iacopo Livia, who is currently developing it in an incubator in Barcelona. Target? Create a checklist useful for the development of any startup. A complete guide, free, accessible and open source. More than 40 contributors already collaborate on the project, experts in various fields and successful entrepreneurs, who make their skills and experiences available. Just to underline its commitment to offering useful and free tools, Startup Checklist is currently being set up as a social promotion association, a form that will allow 100% of revenues to be reinvested in the future development of tools and services. Furthermore, in November, Startup Checklist will launch a first series of live shows online with its contributors, creating opportunities for virtual meetings between startups and experts.

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