Stolen vaccines and fake certificates sold on the dark web

The scams related to COVID-19 they are certainly not new, but the adoption of tools to combat the pandemic such as the Green Pass seems to have given criminals a new source of inspiration. Sightings are multiplying on the Dark Web relating to advertisements offering fake certificates and even stolen vaccines or forged signatures of doctors to be affixed to the documents necessary to move without incurring restrictions. The black market of anti-COVID vaccines and certificates This is what emerges from a report published this week by Coinfirm, a company that conducts analyzes in the field of blockchains. The connection between the two worlds is constituted by the payment methods used: cryptocurrencies. In an effort to leave no trace, transactions are performed in digital currencies such as Bitcoin o Ethereum. In particular, a vendor identified as “COVID-19 Vaccine Shop”, offers doses of AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BionTech, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Sputnik V. Below an image of the illegal marketplace, complete with prices ( screenshot from Coinfirm).The stolen vaccines for sale on the Dark WebThe source of the report analyzed one of the Bitcoin addresses used to receive payments, tracing payments made through an unspecified exchange with registered office in Hong Kong, but particularly frequented by users residing in Eastern Europe.

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