Stop free unlimited archiving on Google Photos, what to do from June 1st

It means that you will only be able to count on the 15 GB offered for the entire ecosystem of services. Here are the tips to take advantage of these 5 days and secure your catalog of images and videos

(Photo: Google)

June 1st 2021 Google will forever close the taps offree unlimited storage on the cloud storage platform Google photo. Which means yes will count only on the 15 GB offered for the entire ecosystem of services or for Drive. However, the limit will only cover new files, those already saved in High Quality will not be counted or deleted. In these five days we can prepare at best to secure your catalog of images and videos so as not to lose a single file. Here are some practical advice and some very important clarifications.

In short, the counter will start right from the beginning of next month. Once the total free threshold of 15 gb has been reached (well indicated by the bars at the bottom of the pages of each service), it will no longer be possible to upload freely, but only by expanding the paid space through Google One. Prices start at 1,99 euro per month for 100 gb and go up to 2,99 euro for 200GB o 9,99 euro for 2 tb. The cost is paid per quarter, but it can also be done annually and so it comes down to 19.99, 29.99 and 99.99 euros. Instead, all Pixel smartphone owners will be able to continue uploading unlimited High Quality photos from their device.

How we will manage photos on Google Photos

From the stroke of June 1st, there will be three possible saving formats on Google Photos, namely:

original quality: with the size of the original file;

quality storage saver (formerly High Quality): which compresses images to 16 mb each and videos in full hd;

Express quality: with 3 mb photo and sd quality video.

For new content, the advice is to generally prefer storage saver quality and leave in original quality only the most significant photos and videos. Google provides one dedicated page for the optimized management of your archive that highlights the elements that take up more space between spam, bins to empty and above all photos & videos, files and large attachments: it is a starting point to avoid keeping unnecessary ballast.

In addition, a tool is promised that, from 1 June, will show all those blurry, dark, or poor quality photos which could be safely eliminated. There will then be a utility that calculates how soon the storage space may run out with the upload average maintained so far.

Alternative services to Google Photos

Optimized the archive with a little healthy cleaning and streamlining, for those who continue to have an expanding one and a zero budget, all that remains is to rely on to physical media such as ssd or at alternative a Google Foto. We have already reported you several great services to get hundreds of gb for free, for example Mega which puts on the plate 50 gb o Koofr with 10 GB. If the budget is small, for example, there is Kdrive from 4.99 euros per month for 2 tb.

We remind you that it is possible to download single photos or entire albums from Google Photos from the appropriate menu (with three dots) by selecting the Download item next to each element. Otherwise, you can download the entire backup in one go from Google Takeout.

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