Streaming Spotify to a 17-year-old iPod

Sometimes, passion combined with goodwill and the necessary skills can give life to real little masterpieces. This is the case of the feat carried out by Guy Dupont, a youtuber who managed to transform an old man iPod (from 2004-2005) to a device capable of streaming music from Spotify.

iPod (2005) with Spotify: the youtuber enterprise

The result is the one visible in the video below, complete with detailed information on the procedure necessary for the metamorphosis of the reader. Disclaimer: it is not for everyone.

It replaced the monochrome display with a color one, while maintaining a style deliberately vintage. The internal components have also changed: in fact, the casing and controls remain.

The hardware component hidden under the body is the card Raspberry Pi Zero W equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth modules for connectivity, programmed to connect to the service and show the customized interface. The bitten apple’s 30-pin dock has been replaced by a micro-USB port for charging the internal battery. A in-depth videoin which the author answers some of the most frequently asked questions and with some updates on the project.

As soon as in early May, Apple announced its intention to discontinue the production of its music players, the value of those in circulation is skyrocketed. Whoever keeps one in the drawer suddenly finds a treasure. Buy one of the today latest iPod touch available on Amazon it almost represents an investment in the future.

Still on the subject of do-it-yourself initiatives, in recent days we have reported on these pages the feat of those who managed to transform a PlayStation 5 into what can be defined as one PS5 Slim unofficial.

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