Streaming tip at Amazon Prime: Awesome action spectacle with a top cast

A very special film has been available on Amazon Prime since July 7th. We are of course talking about “Lucky Number Slevin”. Although the film is already 15 years old, it has still not lost any of its impact. Anyone who loves stories with big twists and turns and has an eye for detail will get their money’s worth with this film. Josh Hartnett in his best leading role as Slevin Kelevra brings several Hollywood greats on board.

The young Slevin is haunted by bad luck. First his girlfriend breaks up with him, then he loses his apartment. Fortunately, he can stay with his buddy Nick, but that’s when the evil takes its course.

Lucky Number Slevin: The ending tops everything

Bruce Willis als Mr. Goodkat in “Lucky Number Slevin”.

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Shortly after moving in, Slevin is mistaken for Nick, who in turn owes a lot of money to the most powerful gang bosses in New York – to both: the rabbi (Ben Kingsley) and the boss (Morgan Freeman). As if those were not enough unpleasant acquaintances, he also meets the professional killer Mr. Goodkat (Bruce Willis).

Since Slevin cannot pay Nick’s debts, he is supposed to kill the rabbi’s son for the boss. The two gangsters are separated by a rivalry that has lasted for years, which is related to the death of the boss’ son. Slevin only wanted to stay in Nick’s apartment, but now he is confronted with a murder that he should commit if he does not want to gamble away his own life. Play is also the right keyword, as a horse race years before the movie’s plot also seems to play a role.

What starts out as an exciting action film turns into a film at the end that no longer amazes the audience. You also learn something on the side or did you know what a “Kansas City Shuffle” is?

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