Strong PS5 deal: o2 offers console at a low price with a mobile phone contract

Strong performance with low background noise

In our test, the Playstation 5 not only impresses with its high performance, but also with its inconspicuous volume. For this, however, potential buyers also have to accommodate a correspondingly large, strikingly designed console weighing 4.5 kg in their living room. The loading times of optimized games are sometimes dizzyingly short. The new controller now has adaptive feedback for the shoulder buttons, which gives game developers new possibilities for immersion. However, gamers have to do without Dolby Atmos or DTS: X support.

You have to decide whether you want to pay the price for the deal with o2: If you add up the 24 monthly installments and the one-time costs, the total costs for the campaign are over 1,000 euros, which you can pay off in small installments over two years.

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