SunnySide, the lunch box with solar panel that keeps meals warm or cold

Millions of people around the world travel to work with the lunch box alias lunch box, to enjoy dishes prepared at home and try to eat a little healthier and spend less. However, although the containers of the so-called dish dishes are often insulated so as to retain some heat (or cool, depending on the dish), it can happen that you eat a meal at room temperature that is not so satisfying. To remedy the situation here SunnySide, a lunch box that can heat and / or keep meals warm or, on the contrary, keep them fresh if, for example, you are transporting salads, fruit or desserts. On the lid there is a solar panel which can charge the large internal battery.

Big hit on Kickstarter for SunnySide, which comes with a modular interior for a single container or several compartments if you want to carry around a complete menu. In the lower part of the structure there are two fundamental components, namely an electromagnetic induction system to quickly heat the containers up to 75 degrees centigrade and an element capable of dissipating heat with a triple fan for cold dishes. The producers promise an abundant day before an ice cream can melt also thanks to the thick insulating layer it optimizes consumption and the hot / cold action. The opening and closing system is watertight so as to avoid leaking out any liquid parts.


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