Super Cashback, how many transactions are missing? (July 6)

The process of consolidating the leaderboard for the Super Cashback is continuing. As is known, the reference semester has ended, but the system is still processing the residual transactions to arrive at a definitive calculation which must be formalized by 10 July. As the days go by, the adjustments should be more and more moderate, but the last recorded shock was still substantial (as expected by us). Now, with the new data update on the IO app dashboard, it is possible to make new predictions on the number of transactions still to be computed before closing. Attention: these are mere forecasts, based on the statistics of the last few weeks and with the sensations dictated by the last day of cashback.

Super Cashback, last shocks

Let’s start with the data. Yesterday the transactions recorded on June 30 were equal to 4,441,788: today this number has risen to quota 5.821.608. We immediately predicted that this figure could rise further on the basis of two trends:

  1. transactions on the same day of the previous weeks had been 4.9 million (9 June), 5.1 million (16 June) and 5.3 million (23 June);
  2. the transactions of the previous days had been 5.4 million (Monday 28) and 5.6 million (Tuesday 29)

Yesterday we had indicated in hypothetical 6 million the approximate limit to which we could have reached and this seems to be approximately the confirmed threshold, although in this observation we arrive at the mere statistical projection that has no elements to weigh the rush to the last minute transaction.

Among its FAQs, the project recalls the reason why some transactions are counted with a few days of delay:

To be registered by the program, your transactions must first have been accounted for by the payment operators. For this reason, before you can have visibility of a transaction for Cashback purposes, it may take up to three working days after the booking by your bank. […] in some particular situations, for example if the transaction took place close to the weekend, it may also take longer

There is a further fact to suggest that the updates are now really reduced to a flicker: the jolt of the last 24 hours has brought into play only operations of 30 June, while on 29 June the data now seem to be almost consolidated. If this were the case, for tomorrow there are no more important adjustments to be expected: within 24 hours, in short, it will be possible to understand something more about the possible final classification.

Today’s limit to qualify for Super Cashback rewards is 786 computed and confirmed payments: this is a threshold that is probably still destined to grow, but perhaps only by a few units. The “maybe” remains a must, since there are no further useful elements that can be used. Based on these numbers, everyone will be able to make their own predictions, but in all likelihood today’s shock was a big blow to the hopes of those who are no longer among the lucky 100,000 who will win the final prize. Net of disqualifications and appeals, of course: this remains the last crazy variable still to be understood.

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