Super Cashback, July 11 in slow motion

It will be the heat, it will be the concentration on the London finals, or more simply it will be a Sunday at the end Cashback: few transactions calculated by the system and few movements, therefore, recorded in the ranking.

Super Cashback Leaderboard: July 11th update

Therefore, 758,723,238 transactions are counted just 567 more than yesterday. After 24 hours from what was initially indicated as the deadline for defining the ranking (limit now lapsed), the number of transactions recorded was therefore very limited, much lower than the average of last days.

Among the transactions calculated, only 129 are those of 30 June, the last day for the Super Cashback semester: this is an interesting parameter to keep an eye on because this was a fundamental day for defining the ranking and when the latter did not will see more updates in all likelihood you will have come very close to the stable definition of the ranking.

The 100,000 winners will receive a message aboutapp IO when the games will be closed: no one knows when, but the number of transactions computed in the next 48 hours could say much more about it. Important note: no change in the fee for admission to prizes: the threshold remains that of 787 transactions.

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