Super Cashback, July 6th transaction ranking: is it over?

For more than 24 hours the transaction ranking which will assign the Super Cashback has stopped: as of today, Wednesday 7 July, to extend your hands on the rich 1,500 euro bonus you need to have executed 786 payments. Is it therefore all decided or is it reasonable to expect further aftershocks, as happened at the beginning of July?

Super Cashback, the ranking: is it all decided?

The hypothesis is not entirely to be excluded, considering some expenses not yet accounted for (our estimate yesterday in a dedicated article) and that within theapplication IO it has always been stressed that the final and definitive version would be released on 10 July. This is the warning that appears now.

The ranking changes every day. You will receive a message when it is consolidated.

Anyway, we are running out: the official dashboard today shows 5,822,151 total transactions recorded on Wednesday 30 June, while yesterday they were 5,821,608. The increase is less than 1,000 units (907 to be precise). If there are further variations, they will only concern the very latest positions.

It should also be checked whether the crackdown promised against the crafty, those who, in order to climb positions, have generated a large number of micropagamenti, will have some effect.

What will happen to who will place an equal merit, paired with the position 100,000? Unfortunately, someone will inevitably be left with a dry mouth: as we read on official site of the initiative, the timing will prove decisive, rewarding those who have executed the last valid transaction before the others.

If the number of valid transactions is equal at the end of each period, priority will be given to whoever made the last valid transaction before the other participants.

Those entitled will receive i 1.500 euro of the Super Cashback directly to the bank account, at the indicated IBAN. The deadline for accreditation is postponed from late August to November, not for reasons related to a lack of funds as written by some newspapers, but to guarantee the timing necessary for the correct management of any complaints. On the other hand, there is no delay for the reimbursement of 10% on expenses made in the shop, with a maximum value of 150 euros.

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