Super Cashback, moving forward very slowly (July 12)

The pace of updates of the Super Cashback leaderboard it seems to be reduced to a flicker, a “forward adagio” (very slowly) that still does not allow to think when the bowls are still, but which now no longer seems to leave room for major upheavals. After a Sunday in slow motion, in fact, even this Monday marks an extremely low number of transactions counted: a real trifle compared to the total for the semester, but still updates for someone could cost 1500 euros.

Super Cashback, the situation as of July 12th

758,723,238 transactions counted up to yesterday, 758.723.653 calculated to date. The difference is barely 415 operations, small adjustments after a semester at a very high rate. Of these, 134 refer to 30 June, the last day for the first (and only, to date) semester of Cashback.

It is interesting to note how out of 415 transactions added to the total count in these hours, as many as 327 are transactions below 5 euros. The feeling is that these are not only transactions that are delayed compared to the traditional calculation (from the beginning a margin of only a few days was indicated for the overall calculation of payments), but that they may be microtransactions under consideration by the organization that is trying to skim the “border line” payments signed in extremis for the victory of the final 1500 euros. Only hypotheses, of course, but the data indicate a clear statistical prevalence of small payments compared to what was the average for the entire semester.

No change in the entry threshold for premiums: it was and remains at 787. It will be a message gives app IO to communicate to the winners the final closure of the ranking, while we will update you daily on what is happening to understand when and if the ranking can be said to be unofficially settled. Net of appeals and counter-claims, of course.

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