Super Cashback, ranking 02/19/2021: how many transactions do you need?

A question that many are asking: how many transactions they are used to obtain the Super Cashback da 1.500 euro? The extra reimbursement provided for by State cashback it will be up to those who at the end of June will place themselves by first 100,000 positions in the ranking by number of purchases made at physical stores using one of the methods accepted by the program: credit cards, debit cards, ATMs and mobile applications.

UPDATE (02/23/2021): online the article with the temporary ranking updated on Tuesday 23 February.

Super Cashback: how many transactions do you need?

As of today, Friday 19 February, they are needed 89 payments to be temporarily at position 100,000. In other words 1.78 every day or 12.46 per week. Below is the graph showing how the number has changed over the last month.

The growth trend recorded for a few weeks now, as evidenced by the image below. Looking back, it was 1.32 on a daily basis on January 25, 1.38 on January 28, 1.51 on February 4, 1.54 on February 8, 1.65 on February 12 and 1.70 on February 16.

Super Cashback: the daily average of transactions necessary to obtain the 1500 euros (updated to Friday 19 February)

As always, it should be emphasized that the numbers are to be considered indicative since a few days of waiting may be required for the final calculation of expenses. He has also repeatedly stated this PagoPA, a company engaged in the management ofapp IO, reference point for the initiative State cashback.

Super Cashback: the ranking updated to Friday 19 February 2021 with the minimum number of transactions necessary to access the bonus

Projecting today’s numbers a end of June it is possible to predict that they will be needed at least 322. It is entirely probable that there will be a further increase between now and the next few months.

Super Cashback: the projection at the end of June of the transactions necessary to obtain the 1500 euros (updated to Friday 19 February)

The 1,500 euros of the Super Cashback they will be paid into the current account of those entitled toWERE GOING indicated by them, together with the 10% refund on expenses made (up to a maximum of 150 euros) during the entire semester.

We recall in closing that for a few days citizens have been able to refer to complaint form put in layout gives Consap, to be used in the event of failure or incorrect crediting of the reimbursements provided for by the program.

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