Super Cashback ranking 9 July: 787 odds

The threshold of the Super Cashback still grows, but how expected in an extremely limited way. The new “magic number” to stay within the 100,000 winners of the 1500 euros, in fact, is now equal to 787 transactions.

Super Cashback Leaderboard, update July 9

It was 786 two days ago, it was 786 yesterday. As with ours estimates, the number could have remained stable or increased by a single further unit due to the small number of transactions validated in the last few hours. The data of the transactions calculated in the last 24 hours is not yet available (we will update this same page as soon as it is made official), but in all likelihood they will be a few thousand, like what happened in the last few days.

The definitive (or almost) consolidation of the ranking of Super Cashback is scheduled for 10th of July: therefore there are only 24 hours before the games close. It seems very difficult that the threshold can increase further (although it can be asserted with certainty only when the bowls are stopped), therefore to date, all users who have 787 operations or more remain within the prizes, with specific rule linked to the timing of the transactions to find a distinction between the equal merits.

The July 1 last, when the competition was officially closed, the threshold for victory was temporarily set at 740 transactions, but it was known that it would still rise in the face of late computations by banks. Today we have reached 787, that is 4.37 transactions per day on average over the total 180 days of the semester: as is known, the number of operations increased significantly in the “tender” months and had a clear surge in the last useful day, which is why it is now necessary to wait for the definitive closing of the to be able to celebrate or to be able to regret the overall definition of the 100,000 ranking positions.

Once again, no information is available relating to possible canceled transactions or radical penalties for the “crafty”: on this front all is silent.

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