Super Cashback, the ranking: can 781 transactions be enough?

For now a couple of days, the Ranking of Super Cashback reports 781 transactions as a minimum threshold to hold on to the 100,000 position and hope to get the extra 1,500 euro bonus provided by the State cashback. In all likelihood, there will be no further shocks, if anything, small adjustments.

Update (06/07/2021): online at ranking updated on 6 July.

Super Cashback: is the ranking final?

We remind you that the final version will be made known only by 10 July, following the counting of all payments performed in the last days of June with cards (credit, debit, ATM) and supported applications. To underline this is the notice that appears inside theapplication IO: The ranking changes every day, you will receive a message when it is consolidated.

Beware though, 781 transactions may not be enough, in case of more participants paired at the 100,000 position. As we read on the official site of the initiative, some of them will inevitably remain dry-mouthed.

If the number of valid transactions is equal at the end of each period, priority will be given to whoever made the last valid transaction before the other participants.

In short, in this case i 1.500 euro will be assigned to whoever first made the last valid payment. The impact of any promised crackdown on the crafty, those who spawned a large number of microtransazioni get close with the sole aim of leaving the others behind, especially targeting the self-service pumps of gas stations.

Recall that the transfer of the Super Cashback will not arrive on current accounts by August (together with the reimbursement of 10% on expenses made in stores, up to a maximum of 150 euros), as expected at first, but in the November: the reasons for the choice are explained in a dedicated article.

The appointment with the next phase of State cashback is postponed to January 1, 2022: for the second half of 2021 the program was suspended, with a decision made hastily by the world of policy.

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