Super Cashback, the situation as of July 10th

It could have been the last day of the update for the ranking of the Super Cashback, but everything suggests that this will not be the case. The deadline of 10th of July, indeed, has been silently crossed out and to date it is not clear when the count of the 100,000 winners will be final. The only note that theapp IO provides is that the winners will receive a message at the appropriate time, but it is not clear when that will be, nor if it is an imminent limit (which, in many ways, presumable).

Super Cashback, 758,722,671 transactions

Transactions calculated today there are 758,722,671 from the system, therefore over 13 thousand additional transactions in the last 24 hours (figure much lower than the yesterday). The entry threshold to the final victory has not changed: 787 transactions, with a specific rule for the management of ex-equo. There are about 600 additional users who appear to have reached the threshold of 50 transactions to own 10% of cashback guaranteed with a maximum threshold of 150 euros.

Despite the additional 13,000 transactions, only 157 transactions were accounted for as at 30 June and 208 as at 29 June, while 432 were still accounted for as at 28 June. This tells us two things: first, that transactions that are now 2 weeks old are still being considered; second, that accounting is now done with the dropper, which confirms the feeling that the ranking is consolidating more every day without leaving too many margins for big shocks on the final result. But there is also something that does not tell us: the number of total transactions and those accounted for over the various days appears different, a misalignment that is not easily explained by the data we have available. An explanation may be in the differentiated update of some of the numbers of the official dashboard, but the margin of error is now minimal and does not seem to be particularly influential on the general ranking.

Those who are close to the finish line, however, look forward to what is about to happen because there are still 1500 euros at stake and, until a message confirms the victory, the 100,000 positions will necessarily remain open to any changes. There are no deadlines, but the opportunity suggests that within a few days the messages can be sent. This phase should not be underestimated, because the credibility of the first half of Cashback will largely depend on the assessments on which the reflections for the restart from next January 1st will be based.

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