Super Cashback, transaction ranking July 13: what happens

The deadline of 10 July to know the Ranking definitive of Super Cashback has been in the archive for 72 hours now. Almost two weeks after the end of the semester, those clinging to the last positions still do not know their destiny: theapplication IO keep showing the warning We are waiting to receive the latest transactions, to calculate the refunds, you will receive a message when the transaction is completed. In short, the wait is not over.

Super Cashback: the ranking is now defined

Between yesterday and today there has been a substantial adjustment. It does not refer to the count of the last ones transactions performed, the number of those relating to June 30 increased by a few hundred, in line with the previous days. In all likelihood it has to do with the crackdown promised against the crafty O pistols as they are defined in the online discussions, referring to their intense activity at self-service pumps in filling stations.

Taking a look at the dashboard ufficiale, we discover that the total number of movements processed for the period between January 1 and June 30 stood at 758,982,358 (generated by 7,915,742 participants), yesterday they were 758,723,653: a important increase, equal to 258.705 unit. We do not have confirmation, but it is possible that it may be the outcome of the appeals accepted for those who have received a cancellation notice.

Another noteworthy figure is that relating to those who have not reached the minimum threshold of 50 expenses necessary to obtain a 10% refund on payments made in shops: they are 1,793,876 citizens.

Recall that the State cashback is suspended for six months: a decision made by the government in recent weeks, not without raising a chorus of criticism. Officially, the appointment with the resumption of the initiative (including Super Cashback) is set for the first half of 2022, but the hypothesis of a definitive cancellation is not entirely to be excluded.

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