Super Cashback, transaction ranking July 6: tail blow

The leaders of the initiative put it in black and white right away: the transaction ranking which will assign the 1,500 euros of the Super Cashback it will be announced in its final version only on 10 July. So it will be, as evidenced by the continuous updates that are being recorded in these days.

Super Cashback, the ranking: we are at 786

According to the latest update, they are needed at least 786 payments to finish at position 100,000, the last of those useful to stretch your hands on the extra bonus provided by the program State cashback. For some, however, they may not be enough: as we read on the pages of the official site, in case of arrival with equal merit, the day and time in which the last expense counted was carried out will be taken into account.

If the number of valid transactions is equal at the end of each period, priority will be given to whoever made the last valid transaction before the other participants.

The registration of the latest ones is therefore in progress missing transactions and we will know the final composition of the ranking in a few days. Also to be verified if the promised penalties against the crafty, those who, in order to climb positions, have generated a large number of micropagamenti: it is not difficult to imagine that their activity was concentrated in particular at the end of the semester, close to 30 June.

Those entitled will receive the bank transfer of 1,500 euros within the month of November and not at the end of August as originally agreed. We have dedicated an article the reasons that led to the postponement.

Finally, remember that the State cashback is suspended for six months (unlike the Receipt lottery): the world of politics is split on the decision and Prime Minister Draghi called it one unfair measure. Officially, the program will resume on January 1, 2022, but the imposition of a definitive stop before the new year cannot be ruled out.

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