SwissBorg offers up to € 300 for each registration

The SwissBorg crypto solution has decided that the summer will be hot. Multiplication of the registration and sponsorship reward, up to € 300 to be won!

We have you already presented SwissBorg, the all-in-one crypto platform that not only allows you to simply grow your crypto assets, but also buy them at the best price. During the coming weeks, new registrants can earn up to € 300, instead of the usual € 100. Explanation.

SwissBorg allows you to earn up to € 300 upon registration

SwissBorg is used to rewards, for example we present it to you in our guide to getting started in the Bitcoin universe. A bit like gambling platforms, the Swiss company allows its customers to earn money on certain actions, particularly through registration and sponsorship. These rewards are offered in the form of tickets. Usually, a registration offers a ticket allowing to win between 1 and 100 €. For two months, or until 300,000 CHSB (the utility token of this platform) have thus been distributed, this reward is tripled. It therefore becomes possible to earn between 3 and 300 €.

Bonuses tripled compared to usual

And as if that weren’t enough, sponsoring a loved one grants them the same privilege, while earning you an additional bonus ticket. This is starting to get very interesting. To be eligible, in addition to registration – compulsory – you will need to make a deposit of at least € 150.

SwissBorg has understood this well. Crypto or not, the community is extremely important to ensure the sustainability of a virtual currency. Hence this already very aggressive offer, both for registration and sponsorship. And to retain its customers as much as possible, the platform offers an additional chance of remuneration to all users who manage to sponsor a new Genesis or Community Premium member – depending on the number of CHSBs in the portfolio -.

This additional potential reward takes the form of a raffle, offering up to 2,000 CHSB, the value of Community Premium access. 10 lucky ones will enjoy it. Prize draw at the end of this promotional period!

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