Tech salaries in 2021 in Paris, in major cities and regions

Focus on the remuneration of tech profiles in France, in 2021: developers, engineers, CTO, product owner, business scientist …

Salaries for tech trades vary depending on the field and the experience acquired over the years. © Silkhom

It is not always easy to estimate the different salary ranges for tech professions, as profiles and missions vary from company to company. In a sector where trends are changing rapidly and where the market is ultra dynamic, the study carried out by Silkhom highlights average salaries in Paris but also in large French cities and regions, through ranges consistent with the reality on the ground.

The results are based on data from 6,000 profiles, divided into 3 zones, namely Paris, the major cities (Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Montpellier and Strasbourg) and the regions.

Developer salaries in 2021

In the field of tech, the job of developer is a must that offers a lot of diversity. Several specialties, namely Java JEE, Python, .Net, Frontend, Cobol, Fullstack JavaScript or Backend JavaScript have similar ranges: between 35-45K for junior profiles located in Paris and 29-36K for junior profiles in the regions. By gaining experience, employees will be able to claim compensation starting at € 50,000 after 5 years of experience.

The salary of a frontend developer in Paris, in the big cities and in the regions. © Silkhom

At the same time, experience plays an important role in the remuneration received, and a net gap can widen between a junior employee and a senior profile, regardless of the profession exercised. Thus, a frontend developer will be able to claim a remuneration between 35,000 and 43,000 € when starting out, and reach 70,000 € annually for a lead dev position, after 8 years.

In addition, there is a clear distinction between salaries in Paris and the regions, with differences that can reach nearly 20,000 euros in difference for certain profiles, such as .Net developers (up to 75,000 € in Paris and between € 38,000 and € 45,000 in the regions, for senior profiles).

Other tech jobs have lower salary ranges, such as database developer (between 32-40K for a junior profile and more than 50K for a senior profile in Paris, and between 30-35K and up to more than 45K for experienced profiles in the regions), or the profession of ERP developer, up to more than € 47,000 for senior profiles in Paris, and more than € 35,000 in the regions.

ERP developers are relatively low paid compared to other developers. © Silkhom

The study also provides figures concerning the profiles of engineers. If these generally start at levels similar to developers, the experience acquired allows them to reach more substantial levels. For example, a microelectronics development engineer who is just starting out will be able to claim remuneration between € 36,000 and € 42,000 in Paris (between € 30,000 and € 38,000 in the regions) and reach a level of € 80,000 (against 60 000 € in the regions).

The jobs that pay the best according to experience

Because demand is high, some trades see their salary range go up from the start of their careers. Here are the top 3 jobs that pay the best for junior profiles (0 to 2 years of experience):

  • Data scientist (median salary € 42,000)
  • Site reliability engineer (41 500 €)
  • Computer vision / AI engineer (€ 40,500)

On the side of senior profiles who have acquired 5 to 7 years of experience, we find the professions:

  • CIO / RSI (median salary at € 90,000)
  • Infrastructure manager (€ 75,000)
  • R & D / CTO Director (€ 75,000)

The 9 professions that offer the highest remuneration for senior profiles. © Silkhom

Other salaries for tech professions in 2021:

In addition to developers and tech engineers, the study looks at various professions in the field of big data, infrastructure, or the cloud. Among the main results concerning average wages:

  • CTO: over 60K in the regions (confirmed profile) to over 100K in Paris (expert profile),
  • Scrum master : from 35-38K (regions, confirmed) to 52-65K (Paris, senior)
  • Data scientist : from 35-43K (regions, junior) to 60-80K (Paris, senior)
  • Data analyst : from 30-34K (regions, junior) to 40-50K (Paris, confirmed)
  • Product owner : from 30-36K (regions, junior) to 50-60k (Paris, senior)
  • UI/UX Designer : from 28-34K (regions, junior) to 45-53K (Paris, senior)
  • DSI : from 60-70K (regions, confirmed) to more than 90K (Paris, senior)
  • Database administrator: from 30-35K (regions, junior) to over 60K (Paris, senior)
  • System administrator : from 26-35K (regions, junior) to over 47K (Paris, senior)
  • ERP Manager: from 40-50K (regions, junior) to over 55K (Paris, senior)
  • Business analyst : from 30-40K (regions, junior) to over 55K (Paris, senior)
  • Design office manager: from 42-60K (regions, confirmed), to 100K (Paris, senior)
  • Project Manager : from 40-55K (regions, confirmed) to 55-70K (Paris, senior)

The study also indicates the main skills and soft skills to be mastered to accomplish the missions of the professions mentioned. The attractiveness of the position and the research difficulties are also indicated. Find all of this information in the Silkhom study.

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