Telegram has finally added group video calls

In group voice chats, you can now activate the camera. The feature was announced last year, but has been rolled out over the past few days. Animated wallpapers are also coming

Telegram has finally added the ability, on all devices, to do group video calls, after the feature was announced in April last year. In the group voice chats, already present in the app, you will have the possibility to activate the camera, making them become real video calls. Audio-only attendees are unlimited, while for the moment they can activate for first 30 people joining the voice chat. The company reported that this limit will soon increase, “as voice chats begin to be used for game streaming, live events and more “.

During video calls, you can also share your screen, as well as your camera video, but you can also broadcast both at the same time. Telegram explained in a blog post that desktop voice chats open in “A separate window, so you can write and speak without having to minimize something. Desktop applications also have selective screen sharing so you can stream a specific program instead of your entire screen “.

Photo: via Telegram

When a desktop application is used, anyone’s screen that starts sharing their screen will be fixed automatically. A feature designed for small team business meetings.

Telegram reached 500 million active users in January. However, Telegram’s introduction of group video calling lags behind the competition. WhatsApp, which had 2 billion users in February, added group video and voice calls as early as 2018.

Telegram has also added several other new features, along with the long-awaited group video chat. The app explained that it has improved the noise suppression in voice chats to keep everyone’s audio clear and crisp, but also adding a button to disable this mode.

Users of Telegram’s iOS or Android apps can now also choose from several predefined options of animated wallpaper or create your own. This is the first time that animated wallpapers land on a messaging app. They are generated by an algorithm and change color in all predefined themes every time you send a new message. Telegram has also added animations for sending messages and new possibilities for importing stickers into the chat.

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