Telegram, the channels where intimate photos and videos are shared without consent

I am at least nine million users who share intimate content without consent in at least 190 Telegram channels. These are the worrying numbers that emerge from the latest update of the report on the state of the art of revenge porn, of Permesso Denato, an association that deals with the technological support to the victims of non-consensual dissemination of intimate content and other forms of violence and hate attacks online.

The fourth edition of the report photographed an increasing phenomenon in our country. Three million more non-unique users have signed up for this year these networks which in turn are doubled in the last twelve months from 89 to 190. Among them, the largest channel examined counts 380,000 unique users. The report also mentions the circulation of child pornography material. This content is then shared directly on the channel or privately.

The report also notes the increased demand for non-consensual pornography related to news cases. On Telegram, for example, there are users who are looking for the video of the alleged sexual violence committed by Beppe Grillo’s son. The exchange of photos and videos is also growing, according to the report coming from Onlyfans, where sex workers post paid content.

Summing up, the Permesso Denato team notes that by now the phenomenon of non-consensual dissemination of intimate material is much larger than the revenge porn. To aggravate the situation much of the material comes shared with the victim’s first and last name or with links to its social profiles, with consequences that the association defines “Devastating” and repercussions “Not only on the psychological and reputational level, but increasingly also on the working level”.

According to the report, despite a recent specific regulation on revenge porn, the situation remains critical, mainly due to platforms, first Telegram ”, which are “Refractory” to intervene and in some cases appear “Complacent and deaf” also towards child pornography. Among the virtuous platforms Permesso Denato instead reports Facebook, Instagram and Microsoft, Google which adopt a policy of “zero tolerance” and respond quickly to reports. The relationship with Twitter, on the other hand, is more difficult.

Among the methods of preventing the phenomenon, the association mentions the pilot program on intimate images shared without Meta’s authorization, of which Permesso Denato is a partner in Europe. The program allows people who fear that their intimate images may be shared without their consent of send a copy in a safe and secure way to prevent them from being spread on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

Permesso Negato was born in 2019 and thanks to a team of technology experts, cybersecurity, lawyers and criminologists, it develops and applies technologies, strategies and policies to stop revenge porn and other forms of online violence and hatred. In the last year he has helped to report and have about 3,500,000 contents from the main online platforms.

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