Tencent deletes WeChat accounts of LGBT students

Yesterday, Tuesday 6 July, numerous users enrolled in Chinese universities and belonging to the community LGBT they suddenly saw theirs disappear into thin air account WeChat, as well as associated content. A mass cancellation, decided by Tencent who controls the platform.

The Chinese LGBT community against Tencent for WeChat

Each attempt to obtain an explanation from the group on what happened results in the same statement, with a reference to unspecified violations of the rules on the management of accounts that offer a public information service through the Chinese network. It is out of place to speak of censorship?

Recently the Cyberspace Administration of China, the government agency responsible for monitoring the Internet in the country, said the will of clean up the online world from contents present in particular on social networks and which could have a “bad influence” on minors.

Available since 2011, WeChat is themessaging application most widespread in China with over 1.2 billion users globally, most of which are concentrated in the country. In November 2016, The Citizen Lab has published a report describing the methods used to limit the circulation of certain types of content, based in particular on the filtering of specific keywords.

The service was impressed in thelast fall from the ban of the United States, strongly supported by the Trump administration towards some Chinese tech companies. The restriction was revoked following Biden’s inauguration in the White House.

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