Tesla is said to have built again without a permit

Again trouble with Tesla in Grünheide: A newly built tank was the reason for a control visit by the authorities on the construction site of the Gigafactory Berlin.

The US electric car maker is supposed to on the site of his new factory Have set up tanks with a coolant without having a permit. Environmental protection associations have pointed this out to the Brandenburg authorities.

The complaint comes from the Naturschutzbund (Nabu) and the Green League. The lawyer Thorsten Deppner, who represents the associations in the Tesla proceedings, sent the State Office for the Environment (LfU) drone images that were taken from the construction site at the end of June, reports the Berlin daily newspaper Tagesspiegel. Five tanks from the factory’s chemical depot can be seen on it. One of the tanks is intended for the coolant / refrigerant R1234yf, according to Deppner’s email, which is available to the daily mirror. It is presumed to be 2,3,3,3-Tetrafluorpropen. According to the LfU’s 15th advance permit, Tesla was allowed to build two tanks for other substances, but none for the coolant.

“At least according to the documents and findings currently available to us there is no approval yet the early start, which would allow the developer to build this tank, ”wrote Deppner. In his opinion, the construction of the tank is not covered by any other permit.

The LfU obviously took Deppner’s advice from July 2, 2021 seriously: On July 6, an inspection was carried out on the construction site. A report of the on-site visit is not yet available. However, the authorities assumed that the construction was carried out without a permit, as did the business online news service Business Insider, citing Insider reported. What consequences this will have is unclear. It’s not the first time Tesla has built without permission.

Tetrafluoropropene is flammable in a fire could Hydrogen fluoride or its aqueous solution Hydrofluoric acid are released, both very dangerous and toxic substances. An accident report recently found that Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin is not adequately prepared for chemical accidents.

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The author of the article is Werner Pluta.

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