Tesla Model Y can be ordered – delivery start in September

The compact SUV Tesla Model Y is now available for purchase. The manufacturer plans to deliver the cars in the fall. (Image: Tesla)

The new Tesla models can now be configured and ordered a little cheaper than announced. Due to delays at the Berlin location, they probably come from China.

The wait is over: That Model Y can be made binding with immediate effect order on the Tesla site. There are two basic models available: “Long Range” and “Performance”. While the version with a range of 505 kilometers costs 57,970 euros, the price for the Model Y Performance is 64,970 euros. Previously, sums of 58,620 and 66,600 euros respectively had been called. Both variants now fall below the funding limit of 65,000 euros and can be used Subsidize an innovation premium of 5,000 euros on request. In addition, the delivery date has changed: If it was a short time ago “beginning of 2022”, the first vehicles should now reach buyers this September.

Tesla Model Y: electric cars from China

Originally, Tesla had planned to serve the first batches from the Gigafactory Grünheide. Owing to many delays this will probably not happen on the construction site near Berlin. Observers believe that the first Model Y on European soil will come from Chinese production. This delivery route has already proven itself with the Model 3. An alternative would be shipping from the USA. Model Y also rolls off the assembly line at the Freemont plant. In the future, the e-car market leader also wants to manufacture the model in Texas.

Tesla Model Y. (Bild: Tesla)

Production records for Model 3 and Model Y

Due to upgrades The delivery figures for the premium models Model S and Model X are weakening. In contrast, Tesla enjoys high productivity with the Model 3 and Model Y. The latest quarterly report says the company has between April and June built over 204,000 copies and 199,360 went to customers. It set a new record.

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