That is why US troops leave Pokémon behind in Afghanistan after they have withdrawn

The NATO troops have withdrawn from Afghanistan. Not only are many buildings and infrastructure left behind, but also some Pokémon.

Around 10,000 people from 36 NATO member countries and partner countries were most recently stationed in Afghanistan as part of the “Resolute Support” mission. After the troops withdrew, the bases were handed over to the Afghan security authorities – including some residents.

Pokémon remain on troop bases

With the former headquarters of the US armed forces, the Bagram Air Base, not only buildings and infrastructure remain in Afghanistan, but also some “Pokémon Go” battle arenas – and the Pokémon they guard.

Thanks to the predominantly young soldiers and the civilians stationed there, a lively community had developed there. The people played “Pokémon Go“During sport and in your free time; the game offered a good opportunity to network with others and make new contacts. Players drove across the entire area of ​​the base to visit arenas.

It actually works like this: Opposing teams fight for control of the arenas, which are defended by up to six Pokémon. These watchdogs can only return to their coaches if they are defeated in combat. However, screenshots of the arenas in Bagram show individual low-level Pokémon defending entire arenas after the troops have withdrawn.

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A lone lotus guards the Pokémon Arena in the Warrior Chapel in the former US base of Bagram in Afghanistan. (Screenshot: Stars and Stripes / t3n)

So the withdrawal of the troops did not always include them associated Pokémon. Afghan Pokémon trainers can now decide on their future.

US Army urges caution with games and gadgets

Games like “Pokémon Go” can help soldiers take a break from their not always easy everyday life and switch off. At the same time, however, interactive games and features also entail certain risks – so warnt die US-Army for example, putting yourself in unnecessary danger while hunting Pokémon.

In addition, members of the armed forces must exercise particular caution when using digital gadgets. In 2018, for example, secret bases in Afghanistan could be located for the public because Soldiers send their data to the Strava fitness app had transmitted. A map visualization not only made popular jogging routes visible, but also the exact locations of the support points.

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