That should be in Apple’s next top notebook

Apple has invited to the special event on October 18th and it is very likely that it will present its completely redesigned Macbook Pro models with their own M1X processor. What to expect from the new Macs.

Apple has been there since November last year, its Mac portfolio and all devices based on the macOS desktop operating system from To convert Intel chips to their own Apple silicon platform based on ARM. After this Entry-level Macbook Pro and the Air as well as the Mac Mini and the 24 inch iMac it is now the turn of the top league of the pro family: On October 18 becomes with the notion the long awaited completely redesigned Top models of the Macbook Pro range. They should not only get a new design, but also make Intel Macs look even older in terms of performance than the entry-level models a year ago M1 chip.

New Macbook Pro with a more angular design and 14-inch option

According to recent reports, Apple will continue to offer models in two sizes, but the 13-inch version will probably be replaced by one 14 inch version which is said to be developed under the code name J314. The 16-inch version – code name J316 -, which only replaced the 15-inch version in 2019, will remain. Both new Macbook Pros are said to be equipped with brighter and higher-contrast mini-LED displays.

This is what the new Macbook Pro with the M1X chip could look like. (Image: Renders by Ian; Frontpagetech)

The well-known display analyst Ross Young also wants to find out broughtthat Apple will equip its upcoming Macbook Pros with screens from LG and Sharp, which are also used in the iPad Pros – but without touch, of course. In addition, like the last iPhone 13 Pro models, they should be equipped with an adaptive 120 Hertz refresh rate. The so-called “promotion” technology was introduced by Apple with its iPad Pros and it is apparently gradually being expanded to include the entire product portfolio.

The higher frame rate results in smoother scrolling and more direct interaction. The adaptive refresh rate also helps to save energy: If the content shown does not require higher frame rates, it can be reduced, which has a positive effect on battery life.

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With regard to the redesign, Kuo claims to have found out that the new Macbook cases will be more angular than before and have angled sides. Apple seems to be aligning its top notebooks with the design language of its iPad Pros and the iPhone 12 series. The frames around the screens should also be narrower – and the MacBook Pro logo could do that disappear.

New Apple chip is supposed to make the new Macbook Pros really work

9to5 Mac got out stolen sketches of the Macbook Pro 2021 made a render image. (Image: 9to5Mac)

The new heart of the computer will be a powerful chip developed in-house, which is making the rounds as the M1X, but Apple could give the processor another name to announce it. Apple is supposedly working on two processor variants with the code names “Jade C-Chop” and “Jade C-Die”, one or even both of which could be used in different variants for the Macbook Pros. In contrast to the M1 chips, which each have four high-performance and energy-efficient cores and up to eight graphics cores, the new Apple processors should have eight high-performance cores, two energy-efficient cores and, depending on the version, 16 or 32 graphics cores have on board.

In addition, the alleged “M1X” processor probably supports up to 64 gigabytes of RAM. That would be a big leap to the M1 processor, which can handle a maximum of 16 gigabytes of RAM. It is also to be hoped that more than just an external monitor can be connected. Leakers also say that the basic models should be equipped with 16 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of SSD storage.

Macbook Pro (2021): Apple is likely to bring back Magsafe and more

Introduced with the Macbook Pro (2016), possibly thrown out again in the 2021 model: the touchbar. (Photo: Apple)

Other rumors surrounding the Macbook Pros include the return of the magnetic Magsafe charging option, as the manufacturer has already shown with its iMac 24. In addition to USB-C ports, an HDMI connection and an SD card slot will be on board for the first time. These slots were thrown out by Apple in 2016 with the last major redesign of the MacBook Pro. It is also to be expected that the OLED touchbar introduced in 2016 could be deleted again.

Apple could bring back the popular Magsafe adapter with the 2021 Macbook Pros. (Photo: Shutterstock)

A point of criticism from the last few years could also be eliminated by Apple with the new MacBook Pro generation. Because instead of the rather mediocre 720p webcam, a new model with full HD resolution is said to be used. This also fits in far better with the times with the increased use of video conferencing.

The new models are expected to be shipped from the factory with Apple’s new desktop operating system macOS Monterey. The new OS version should also be made available for all other compatible computers in the course of October.

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