The 2-in-1 glass for any hot or cold drink

A glass one slips into a larger ceramic one, useful and effective in maintaining the temperature of liquids

One glass is ok, two glasses instead of one is better. Petty philosophy that looks after utility is the one espoused by Go, a small Hong Kong company that launched the namesake 2-in-1 mug, whose peculiarity lies in bringing them together one for hot drinks and the second for cold ones. In essence, therefore, it’s good for drinking everything from coffee to fresh beer, smoothies, wine, fizzy, protein drinks and anything else you know and like. The design is reminiscent of the typical Guinness mug and features a 0.35 liter glass cup that fits into a 0.475 liter ceramic cup to halve the space and at the same time offer the double opportunity in terms of drinking.

Everything revolves around the capacity of the two glasses of keep drinks hot and cold, but also the lack of condensation and the smell of metal that these types of mechanisms usually carry with them. Also good is the lid that prevents liquid spills, while from the tea filter (optional and removable) to the objects holder for snacks, sugar and powder supplements, there are some accessories that simplify the actions and allow you to drink what you want at the better. Anyone wishing to try Hodi, who you can book it at a price of approx 42 euro, with shipping costs included and home deliveries scheduled from next October.

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