The 4 best apps and filters to turn into cartoons

Four solutions to edit photos and selfies in an amazing way

(Foto: This is Ai)

Thanks to special applications and filters it’s possible turn into a cartoon. Compared to the software of a few years ago, now the result is much more effective thanks above all to theartificial intelligence which not only recognizes facial features in a deeper way, but can also adapt the virtual mask in real time following the expressions. Here are four solutions to aim for: three take advantage of photos and selfies and one offers a powerful avatar editor.

Voila AI Artist Cartoon Photo

Voila AI Artist Cartoon Photo
(Photo: Wemagine.AI)

This is AI Artist is the application of the moment, very popular especially on Instagram, which starts from a selfie or a photo in memory to apply a cartoon effect – especially with the style of Pixar movies – really well done thanks to the contribution of artificial intelligence. Other options include the option to transform into a 15th, 18th or 20th century painting or caricature. Here are the links to download it your android e your iphone.

Snapchat Cartoon Filter

(Photo: Snapchat)

Many recently uploaded cartoon-style videos and photos to Instagram and TikTok actually take advantage of the wonders rival Snapchat lenses, which in terms of filter offerings has very few rivals. On the shields there is the lens Cartoon 3D Style which in fact transforms in real time into a cartoon with a really performing facial recognition. To find in the Lens Carousel by Snapchat.

ToonMe – Cartoon Photo Editor

(Photo: ToonMe)

ToonMe is another effective application that transforms not only the face but also the whole body into a cartoon, again thanks to the recognition work of artificial intelligence. It provides many layouts already prepared for shots to be shared immediately on social networks. It is free to download your android e iPhone.


The difference between Dolltoon and the other software that we have told you is in the fact that you do not start from your own photo, but from a formidable editor to create a sort of your own customizable avatar with thousands of combinations. Among the most interesting effects is the one that allows you to transform into a sort of Simpsons character.

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