The app that suggests what to build with the Lego bricks available

BrickIt sidesteps artificial intelligence for accurate block recognition

(Photo: Brickit)

Collectors of Lego they always have a box containing hundreds if not thousands of bricks ready to use to replace lost blocks, to modify and customize kits or to give space to the imagination with their own creations. For those who have difficulty finding a project there is the perfect application: it’s called BrickIt and uses artificial intelligence to recognize individual pieces and suggest possible constructions.

The accuracy of this software is really impressive for now only available for iOs (iPhone), but soon also for Android smartphones. In fact, it is enough to spread the bricks on a surface, open the app, frame the camera and wait a few seconds. After a short wait, BrickIt will return several possible solutions.

In fact, artificial intelligence is able to recognize the blocks even if they are semi-hidden or placed horizontally or vertically. Pre-loaded into the system there are various instructions to create for example animals, means of transport, buildings or various objects. Once you’ve chosen the one you like best, just start the wizard and assemble. The gem is that the app also indicates where exactly the blocks are located in the pile that you have available.

(Photo: BrickIt)

Once the construction is finished, you can take an image and save it in a special folder and / or share with your friends on social networks or from instant messaging apps. One of the coolest independent apps seen recently, who knows if Lego will contact the developers to propose an official collaboration?

In the meantime you can immediately download it for free from App Store on the iPhone, while for the Android version it seems we will have to wait until autumn 2021.

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