The app where you pay to make decisions about other people’s lives has arrived

Born to bring artists closer to their fans, NewNew promises strict control to avoid dangerous or extreme situations, but its description is still rather disturbing.

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The attention around theNewNew application, which describes itself in a more than vaguely disturbing way as “a human stock market where you buy shares in the life of real people, in order to control their decisions and observe the outcome“. In short, a sort of great social experiment in which you can feeding strangers the power of choice over one’s life.

It was created by Drake’s former personal assistant, the Canadian Courtne Smith and among the investors there are prominent names such as the investor and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel (who had already been among the first to focus on Facebook in 2004), but also theattore Will Smith and the US fund Andreessen Horowitz. The application is currently in beta testing.

Asking external people to make decisions about your life is a practice made a game on different platforms such as YouTube or Twitch, but with NewNew it takes everything to a more organized and, above all, profitable dimension. At first glance, the app seems like a new breeding ground for influencers with dubious aura – characters like i Paul brothers so to speak – but in reality the spirit of the service, fortunately, is not aimed at teenagers who ask or not to throw themselves off the balcony on a table below, as for the so-called creators.

Per creators we mean artists such as writers, painters, musicians, stylists, bloggers and so on, which according to the app can connect more easily and effectively with their fans, so much so that they can make choices about their works available. And of course, net of the commission withheld by the service, for example, user Mr Wong, who writes stories on Wattpad, asks his followers to choose names, but also plot developments.

(Photo: NewNew)

On your personal page it is possible upload videos that tell the proposed theme, so as to attract followers and potential voters; the visual effect is very similar to TikTok. From that moment on, a real paid survey opens in which you correspond about 3.5 euros To partecipate; there are also more expensive options a around 16 euros for more important requests (for example: giving your name to a character in a novel). Once the survey is closed, you can have evidence that the creator has respected the agreement.

Speaking of respect: given that votes can also be proposed on decisions of everyday life, vigilant monitoring of the polls is promised in order to avoid publishing dangerous or extreme content, but that everything remains adherent to the original spirit. here is the link a App Store to download NewNew on iPhone and test it: for now there are no other supports, neither for Android nor for computers.

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