The automated system for growing plants on their own

Includes a series of LEDs to provide the right amount of light, irrigation system and a battery to cover up to 4 days of autonomy

(photo: Pico Max)

Pico Max looks like the smallest smart gardening system in the world, providing everything you need and taking care of the growth of the seedlings in complete autonomy from sowing to ripening. Dedicated to those with a far from green thumb, this compact accessory made its debut with a bang on crowdfunding platforms.

With the experience put on the farm by the first generation, Altifarm Enverde presented the renewed, improved and enlarged version of the all-in-one system for growing seedlings at home with minimal effort. To design Pico Max, we were inspired by large indoor cultivation systems that must combine lighting and irrigation in the best possible way to grow vegetables, flowers, small trees and other types of ornamental or medicinal plants in the most natural and efficient way possible.

(photo: Pico Max)

It is therefore no coincidence that it is the LED grid that is placed in the foreground in the project description. It is placed on a periscope part that can rise to follow the plant’s growth in height. It uses diodes supplied by the prestigious German brand Osram, which not only optimize energy consumption, but which reproduce the optimal wavelengths to stimulate specific biological functions and to simulate solar lighting regardless of the time of year in which it is sown.

If there are leaves or flowers too close, the LEDs decrease the intensity using a sort of local dimming which exploits the information provided by a proximity sensor. The integration of a timer adjustable to a specific world time zone, to simulate the behavior of the sun during a season; an ideal function to vary between crops, always obtaining the maximum result.

(photo: Pico Max)

Pico Max has been designed to be placed anywhere: from the shelves of a wardrobe to a table, hung on a wall or a home decoration and so on, thanks to a series of special supports. It can be connected directly to the power of the house and mounts internally un battery pack of 10000 mAh which can provide energy needed for four days of operation. Multiple Pico Max can also be connected in series via usb for optimized power supply. Pico Max uses an internal irrigation system powered by a tank placed on the bottom, sufficient for ten days of water subsistence.

It is still possible to finance the project on Kickstarter with 65 euro about and receive the preview item at a discounted price of 36%.

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