The best beach games of 2021

From radio-controlled vehicles to pastimes when the sun beats down, five ideas to focus on

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Summer time of beach holidays and beach games to entertain the more (or less) little ones. We have chosen five proposals of various types among the gadgets and accessories to take under the umbrella.

The radio-controlled excavator

rc excavator
(Foto: Top Race)

L’radio controlled excavator it is a very coveted game by the little ones, but also by fathers who finally have an excuse to become children again. The Tr-119 model can be controlled at 360 degrees both for piloting in various directions and for move shovel and bucket collecting sand and stones. The basic model costs 42,99 euro su Amazon, but for the most demanding there is also one more professional version which costs ten times as much.

The Twister towel

towel twister
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The fun game Twister in which arms, legs and bodies are intertwined crossing between colored dots also has a perfect version for the beach (and sand) that is a large towel 180 x 100cm. Costa 24,90 euro su Amazon.

Uno beach cards

one beach cards
(Photo: One)

When the sun beats strongly and you have to stay under an umbrella, there is nothing better than a game of cards. Better still if at Uno with this version designed not to fear water and sand, with a hole to carry the cards with a very practical carabiner. It costs 17.99 euros, here the offers su Amazon.

The 4 × 4 amphibious radio controlled car

(Photo: Baztoy)

We return to the world of radio-controlled vehicles with the proposal of Baztoy which is an amphibious 4 × 4 car that can therefore whiz on the sand and does not raise the white flag if it ends up in the sea. It costs 49.99 euros, is on offer su Amazon.

The maxi kit of beach games for children

(Photo: Joyin)

Finally, the great classic of the kit with 24 pieces between shapes, molds, buckets, pallets and so on. The proposal of Game it is designed for small children and also includes a bag for practical transport. It costs 19,99 euro su Amazon.

Another must on the beach is the water gun, here are five models not to be missed.

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