The best mid-range smartphones of June 2022

Not everyone wants the best of the best of the best when they buy a new smartphone. Our ranking of best mid-range smartphones it meets precisely this category of people, who on the one hand are looking for a device reliable over the years and capable of featsbut on the other hand they are far from wanting to spend the over 1000 euros necessary to take home a phone of the most noble and full of optional not all useful.

Between the so-called flagships (or top of the range) and phones cheap but good for under 300 eurosthere is a whole range of very interesting gadgets, which for a relatively low cost they promise and deliver a lot. We have chosen some of the best that we have touched firsthand.

What we look for in the best mid-range smartphones

The definition of the category it has always been elusive and has never even remained the same over time. Moreover, with the increase in the maximum prices reached by these devices, even the bar of what can be defined as the mid-range has inevitably raised. In our case we can generally talk about gadgets that start from 300-400 euros in price to reach peaks of 600-700, with some key features.

First a good value for moneyeven if not necessarily excellent: they can be products born with the intention of combining performance and convenience, or gadgets on the market for a few months and ended up protagonists of significant discounts despite their characteristics.

The other criterion necessary to appear in our ranking is that of the smartphone in question nothing is missing, or almost. In particular, candidates must be prepared to bear the weight of the years and of the app and operating system updates that will become available during their life cycle. Some extras, then, they can do without: from the variable update display to total waterproofing, through wireless charging and above all for a spectacular photographic sector – if one or two of these “secondary” features are not present, yes he can even turn a blind eye.

That said, and still considering the cost to the end user, the devices still have to know how to distinguish from the mass. Whether it is for the charging speed, for the presence of a processor normally intended for the top range, for the user experience for an out of the ordinary price reduction or for other reasons.

Best of June 2022

Our selection is updated to June 2022. It obviously does not include only the smartphones released in the last few weeks, although from time to time we try to refer to the most recent possible period, to ensure that the chosen phones still have a long life cycle ahead of them. For those who are not afraid to range above and below this range, here is a comprehensive list of all phones we liked this year.

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