The best power banks to keep your gadgets alive away from electricity

Get your hands on best powerbank in circulation avoiding unnecessary purchases is not just a matter of knowing what to recharge. On the one hand, these gadgets – while offering the same service – are on the market in dozens of different variants; on the other hand, however, the main variable to recommend the purchase is still that of reliability.

These devices are essentially rechargeable batteries, or chemical components that must be assembled with care so that they result in products capable of recharging gadgets. at speeds and in quantities that comply with the requirements to what was promised; everything must then take place completely safetyto avoid decanting or dangerous short circuits.

The fact that this type of device can be found online at a low price should therefore not lead us to think that all cheap gadgets are valid. In this, more than in other categories, it is better to spend a few euros more to rely on products from well-known brands, also because the scenarios for using a power bank are many and sometimes delicate.

Whether it is plan a trip or to react to a sudden blackouta powerbank can in fact make the difference between a charged smartphone and one that is turned off, and therefore between remaining in communication with the outside world and remaining isolated until the first working socket.

How to choose the best power banks for every need

This is why we have gathered some of the best known devices on the market, ranging as much as possible in all the main areas that characterize them.

  • The capacityexpressed in mAh, which determines how much (or how many times) the products will be able to recharge the connected devices.
  • The current deliveredusually expressed in watts, which helps to understand which type of product they will be able to recharge – from smartwatches to laptops, via smartphones and tablets.
  • The number and type of taken aboardto understand how many and which charging cables can be connected to the powerbank at the same time.
  • The charging technologyto understand if compatible gadgets can be recharged at higher speeds than normal.
  • Possible extrasuch as the presence of coils for wireless charging, a shock-resistant body or LED panels to accurately indicate the status of the powerbank.

Below is our selection, with prices ranging between 200 euros of the most equipped and capacious energy reserves up to a few tens of euros sufficient to ensure compact and affordable gadgets, but always reliable.

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