The best tech gadgets to take to the sea

From the waterproof ereader to the metal detector, a series of unpredictable beach accessories not to be forgotten in the holiday suitcase

(Photo: SuBlue)

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L’estate 2021 has exploded and it is already vacation time: we have chosen a series of very useful tech gadgets to put in your suitcase and take to the sea: there are a total of seven accessories that think about fun, comfort and safety.

Diving mask with support for actioncam

cressi action
(Photo: Cressi)

Cressi Action it’s a diver mask with integrated holder for hook up your action camera. Goggles with an integrated camera were once in fashion, but they were of poor quality. In this way you can use your GoPro or similar for a better performance. It costs 39,99 euro, here on offer su Amazon.

Waterproof ebook reader

kindle paperwhite
(Photo: Amazon)

Reading on the beach is very relaxing, but to carry around an entire digital library and not worry too much about humidity and water splashes, then the best solution is that of a ereader waterproof, such as the excellent Kindle Paperwhite of Amazon, which is situated a 129,99 euro with a high brightness screen even in direct sunlight.

Water scooter

(Photo: Sublue)

Sublue WhiteShark is one water-scooter that is a device capable of pulling a person above or below the surface thanks to the integrated motor and the handles to hang on. Sublue WhiteShark is among the most popular as it can reach 6.5 km / h, dive up to 40 meters and includes a battery with half an hour of autonomy in addition to support for action cameras or smartphones (with cover). It costs 895 euro, here on offer on Amazon. For those who are satisfied with a little less power there is the proposal of Nilox a 499 euro.

UV ray bracelet

uv ray bracelets
(Foto: Shop Story)

I UV rays they are very dangerous for the health of the skin, in fact at the sea it is necessary to protect yourself adequately. With these bracelets it is possible to get an idea of ​​the intensity of the solar luminosity with four color gradations. They cost 7,99 euro, are on offer su Amazon.

Solar Charger

CHOETECH Solar Charger
(Photo: Choetech)

Leaving your smartphone in the sun is not a good idea: instead, use a multi-panel solar charger and connect it to an integrated powerbank instead yes, because in a few hours you can recover a lot of energy. Among the most flexible, light and resistant (even to water) is that of Choetech whose price is 35,99 euro, here the offers su Amazon. Here are some alternatives on solar power bank.

Water guns

Hasbro Nerf - Soakzooka
(Photo: Hasbro)

Water balloons are never lacking on the beach, for those looking for a powerful and precise water pistol here Hasbro Nerf – Soakzooka which is a real one water bazooka with 1600 ml tank, range from 6-7 meters and loading and firing lever. It costs 32 euro su Amazon. Here are some alternatives.

Metal Detector

(Foto: SunPow)

Finally, a gadget that is very often seen on the beaches, especially at the end of the day and, even more so, at the end of the season: the metal detector. This tool can in fact recover metal objects lost in the sand by recognizing iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, silver and so on. Among the models with the best quality / price is that of Sunpow, a 99,99 euro, here on offer su Amazon.

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