The best wallets for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (guide and opinions)

A wallet per Bitcoin and for other cryptocurrencies it is the first choice to make when starting to invest in virtual currencies. In fact, the wallet is a great way to manage cash flows, take advantage of the value of each digital currency and have a virtual register of the transactions made. A wrong wallet, or one that is too “fragile” from a technical / IT point of view seriously compromises your investment. Today, in this dedicated in-depth study, we will see which are the best wallets for Bitcoin, the most widespread and the most reliable that the network is able to offer, also according to opinions and online reviews.

The criteria for choosing the wallet

What are the criteria for choosing the best Bitcoin wallets? What to watch out for? Your wallet must be hacker-proof, as it contains a number of data that are critical to your investment. A hacker, from the data present, is able to trace: name and surname, address, telephone number and current account. Then, have a secure wallet is the first thing to pay attention to.

Each type of wallet has its own security systems, which are also very effective. Before signing up for the service, check what that particular platform does for your virtual wallet in terms of security. In general, we do not recommend those wallets that work via the Web, but not because they are invalid or do not have effective systems against hackers. There are simply wallets that work without being connected to the Internet. Since they are offline, they are more difficult to attack.

How easy is it to use? Is there a guide or tutorial? If you are starting with your own wallet, you may need one guide or tutorial that help you understand how your virtual portfolio works and, perhaps, assist you in your first investments. Thus, it will be easier for you to access the more advanced levels. The risk does not go away, but at least you can avoid losing money for mistakes that, perhaps, you could also have avoided.

Can the wallet handle multiple cryptocurrencies? You can start with a Bitcoin wallet and then move on to a virtual wallet to manage more cryptocurrencies. It is not very convenient, however. In fact, the second form of cryptocurrency investment over time is cryptocurrency trading. So, you might get used to a wallet that no longer stands behind your needs. Thus, it is advisable to immediately choose a wallet that holds accounts for multiple cryptocurrencies, so you will not have to change it when you start investing.

How many operations can I make and how many commissions are there? The wallet should guarantee you a number of free operations, or in any case you should know before subscribing what the commissions are applied. In general, virtual wallets can have management costs when you load or withdraw, but it is difficult for the wallet to create commissions. On the other hand, it may happen that a cost per operation is on the platform where you do cryptocurrency exchanges.

How much data can a wallet record? Even if you pay little attention to it, a wallet always has a certain data limit, after which everything is overwritten. In cryptocurrencies, however, there is always a trace of the operations you have made. Hence, it is important to understand how the virtual wallet makes backup copies, when to make them, etc.

The best wallets for Bitcon and other cryptocurrencies 2021

What are, according to online opinions, i best wallets for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2021? If we talk about a web digital wallet, with excellent security systems and a series of tutorials suitable for beginners, the name on everyone’s lips is eToro Wallet. eToro is known as an online trading platform, but in recent years it has evolved. Thus, today it also allows cryptocurrency exchanges with dedicated digital wallets.

However, he has not lost the formative side. So when you start here, you have direct access to a series of tutorials and guides, and when you are just starting out, you can literally follow the investments of people who know best.
How has all this translated into the wallet? eToro allows you to manage more than 120 cryptocurrencies even from smartphones, with dedicated apps for Andorid and iOS. The assets are more than 500. The commissions are there, but nothing particularly expensive compared to the market.

Another wallet platform loved by many online reviewers is Coinbase. It connects to the current account and is a great middle ground. It starts only with Bitcoins and, then, when you are ready, you move on to the exchange between cryptocurrencies, without changing wallet, but only subscription plan. This is the other point in Coinbase’s favor: the wallet changes according to your investment knowledge and this avoids blunders. This site also has iOS and Android apps, to monitor investments from smartphones. You can plan your investments and manage withdrawals with a virtual safe.

Finally, among the best online virtual wallets, there is Coinage. Conio is perfect for those who do not want to open a current account to invest in cryptocurrency. Not having a linked account is a great security thing, plus there are also 3 levels for access. The app is completely Italian and those who mine do not pay the wallet fees. If you don’t mini, your commission goes straight into the pockets of digital “miners”, which isn’t bad. In addition to the assistance service by email and by phone, Conio has a support section with tutorials where you can learn all the basics for investing in Bitcoin and more.

The best hardware wallets

The best wallets for Bitcoin: Trezor One

Among the best wallets for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the hardware and offline methods are great in terms of security. How do they work? It is about USB sticks which contain all the data of the virtual wallet. When you need to carry out operations, connect the key to your PC and invest. When you no longer need it, remove the key and keep your data safe. Thus, data is only online when it is needed and the risk of cyber attacks is reduced. What are the best hardware wallets according to online opinions?

Let’s start with the first two Ledger, the Nano X and the Nano S. It should be noted that all these wallets are also sold online at an affordable price. The first time you use a hardware wallet, you need to install a software or an app, which simply serves as a link to use it. In the case of the Nano X, the program is called Bolos. The key also has a Bluetooth connection, should you need to manage your operations from a smartphone.

The operating systems required are Windows (from 8 onwards) and Mac iOS (from 10.9 onwards). For mobile devices, however, you need at least Android 7 and later, or iOS 9 and later. The key comes with a cable, an instruction booklet, three keys (useful if you had to prdere the password) and a strap to carry it with you. The virtual wallet can manage more than 1100 cryptocurrencies and register a maximum of 100.

Even the previous version, the Nano S, also by Ledger, knows its stuff. The package has a guide, a USB cable, a shoulder strap, a key ring and a password sheet. The software you install here is Ledger Live, compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. It has little memory space, but it supports 57 different types of virtual coins. Perfect for getting started (and even after), the Nano S is great in terms of security, thanks to its two-factor authentication.

Finally, we also recommend Safe. Trezor supports all major cryptocurrencies. It can also be managed with the Google Chrome extension, without having security problems. It has no serial key, but passwords can be mistaken 30 times before locking it (in any case, don’t try!). It can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, but not for iOS.

Practical advice in using a wallet

When choosing your wallet, make sure you see the conditions of service and the features. Then, remember to always keep the access keys stored, in one place where no one can find them. Finally, try to manage your wallet by always evaluating the pros and cons of your investment, because in the end you decide where to invest! As you have seen, investing in cryptocurrencies requires some attention, but it is very feasible!

Wallet and security

Security is invested in all wallet platforms for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but you too must do your part. Keep questions and answers, encrypted codes and operations. Use your wallet for a short time, only what you need to invest. If you have the possibility, avoid connecting your wallet to a family account or one that can compromise more people or on which your lifestyle depends. Take a few days to understand which security systems are adopted by the wallet you want to choose and what to do in case of problems.


The final advice we want to give you is to choose right away a high-performance wallet, which will help you manage even the toughest trades based on your cryptocurrency investing experience.

These are the best wallets for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online: now it’s up to you to decide which is the most useful for your investment method.

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