The best water guns for summer 2021

Once upon a time there were water balloons and pumps that sprayed at 20 centimeters: now an arsenal worthy of Fortnite takes to the field

(Photo: Hasbro)

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What are the best water guns to transform the beach, the swimming pool or the park into a battlefield that has nothing to envy Fortnite O CoD? While waiting for the powerful one to arrive to us too Spyra Two, we have chosen five models that combine power, precision and charging speed to best prepare the arsenal for summer 2021.

Hasbro Nerf SuperSoaker

hasbro nerf
(Photo: Hasbro)

We can only start with the most popular model on Amazon that is the compact, economical and powerful Hasbro Nerf SuperSoaker, which can store up to 591 milliliters of water which is then fired in two modes: jet or all at once with a soaking wave. Charging takes place via the nozzle at the top. It costs 14,90 euro, here on offer su Amazon.


(Photo: Aranee)

I know if I close one compact water gun, but with a large capacity, then the proposed Aranee provides the equivalent of two bottles (1200 ml) and a quadruple fire mouth for a wide and long throw spray. It costs 12,99 euro, is situated on offer on Amazon.

Jamara Fizz

jamara fizz
(Photo: Jamara)

The great limitation of water guns is a tank that runs out after a few shots and it is therefore very important to maintain positions close to the supply sources. With Jamara Fizz you may not have the most design weapon, but thanks to the triple container to wear as a backpack you will have well 2.5 liters to manage, for a jet of more than 6 meters. Also ideal for playing firefighters, it is suitable for children. It costs 22,95 euro, on offer on Amazon.

Team Magnus Incog

Team Magnus Incog
(Photo: Team Magnus)

Team Magnus Incog is a set of two water guns with colored shades can hold up to 1200ml and generate a powerful jet from 10 meters. The design is reminiscent of weapons from shooting games. It costs 34 euro su Amazon.

Hasbro Nerf – Soakzooka

Hasbro Nerf - Soakzooka
(Photo: Hasbro)

Finally, the heavy artillery with the powerful Hasbro Nerf – Soakzooka which is a real one water bazooka thanks to a 1600 ml tank and a multi-nozzle jet that abundantly exceeds 6-7 meters with a certain precision. It is loaded and then fired with the appropriate lever and aimed by keeping it adherent to the body for greater effectiveness. It costs 32 euro su Amazon.

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