“The Big Bang Theory”-Star Kaley Cuoco wird zur Anti-Penny

The sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” is one of the most famous series of the recent past and turned the actors into Hollywood superstars. Right at the forefront was Kaley Cuoco as a would-be actress, waitress and later pharmaceutical representative Penny.

After her end, Cuoco immediately devoted herself to new projects that had absolutely nothing to do with her “Penny” image: in the animated series “Harley Quinn” she is allowed to curse wildly, in “The Flight Attendant” she is a flagship brandy thrush. Like the industry paper Deadline Now reported, the actress is now in talks for a new film that will have nothing to do with her sitcom past.

According to “Big Bang Theory”: Kaley Cuoco becomes an action star

Kaley Cuoco in “The Big Bang Theory”

Getty Images / CBS

According to the report, the 35-year-old is in negotiations for the film “Role Play”. This is an action thriller, with the script from the pen of Seth Owen (“The Morgan Project”). Cuoco should take on a leading role and also get the project off the ground as a producer.

There are not many more details at the moment. Content should be everything revolves around a married couple whose lives are completely turned upside down, as secrets from the past of each and every one of them are unearthed. Allegedly, the script should be designed in such a way that an entire franchise could easily be added after the film. A director has not yet been found, but production should begin as soon as Cuoco finishes filming the second season of “The Flight Attendant”.

The series about the flight attendant Cassie turned out to be an enormous post-“The Big Bang Theory” success for Cuoco, for which she even received a nomination for the Golden Globe. In this country, the title can be seen exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. If you don’t have a subscription yet, you can get one here for just 7.99 euros a month.

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