“The Big Bang Theory”: You must have missed an allusion after 10 years

The finale of “The Big Bang Theory” flickered across the screens some time ago. However, the fans of the series will continue to be provided with the repeats of the episodes on ProSieben. Some of the stars have already caught promising new projects: Kaley Cuoco (Penny), for example, plays one of the leading roles in the dramedy series “The Flight Attendant”, while Jim Parsons (Sheldon) and Mayim Bialik (Amy) also talk about ” TBBT “will still make common cause.

In the 18th episode of the 12th season “The Nobel Laureate Insult”, attentive viewers were able to discover a small allusion to the past – namely to an episode that was more than ten years ago. We explain what exactly it is about.

Sheldon and Amy are hoping for the Nobel Prize

Jim Parsons in “The Big Bang Theory”

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With their latest scientific discovery, Sheldon and Amy are well on their way to winning a Nobel Prize in Physics, but scientists Dr. Kevin Campbell (Kal Penn) and Dr. Greg Pemberton (Sean Astin) could still drive them into the parade. Without really having any knowledge of the matter, the two of them quite accidentally proved Sheldon’s and Amy’s theory.

With this unexpected competition, Amy and Sheldon are in serious danger of winning the Nobel Prize! In order to prove that they are the discoverers of the theory, “Shamy” unceremoniously invite numerous famous experts in science to a reception to hear about the latest Report insights and get support.

The story of Sheldon and George Smoot

At least that’s the plan – but Sheldon has already messed around with some other scientists in the past and really offended them. For example, when Amy notes that Nobel Prize winner George Smoot has been invited to the reception, Sheldon reports that the two have a common past. And fans of “The Big Bang Theory” know exactly what this statement means!

Sheldon and George Smoot already met in the 17th episode of the second season, “The Placebo Beer”. In the said episode, Sheldon and his friends are on the train on their way to a convention. On the way, however, Sheldon notices that he has forgotten his USB stick with important documents, which he really wants to present to George Smoot, the 2006 Nobel Prize winner.

Fortunately, Penny rushes to help and Sheldon can still meet his valued colleague and show him the material. In doing so, he proposes a joint collaboration in order to win the next Nobel Prize together – which would finally put the scientist back on top of the physicist sphere. Smooth replies to Sheldon, “With all due respect, Dr. Cooper. Are you on crack?”

Since Sheldon mentions this only in passing, you could have missed it and after such a long time not every viewer remembers this episode. In “The Big Bang Theory” there are still plenty of secrets and other interesting things to discover.

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